To enable producers to digitally connect their products, directly engage with their customers and use a mobile app to instantly answer questions such as ‘is this product authentic?’, ‘what is its story and provenance?’, and ‘how can I connect with its producer?’

Otentico connects physical products to the internet and gives them identity and life.


Otentico was founded by veterans of the cybersecurity, software, corporate and financial sectors with more than 60 years of combined industry experience working for some of the most highly regarded organisations in their respective sectors.

We are entirely focused on bringing our accumulated expertise to industries producing branded physical products where authenticity, heritage and provenance are paramount and where we have the ideal combined skill set to solve real-life problems for our clients, one sector at a time.


We first saw the challenges posed by bad actors infiltrating supply chains and the problems caused by counterfeited products in the 90’s while working with a few of the world’s top spirit brands.

Ever since, we have continued to follow the evolving sophistication of the counterfeiting trade and have been concerned to see the same tools that promised to ensure the safety of supply chains becoming instead the key enablers of an explosion of counterfeiting and customer deception in almost every sector.

We realised that, while genuine producers and their customers are easily connected via online channels and social media, the lack of connection to physical products post-sale is the weak link that allows the fraudsters to exploit the end customer.

In late 2014, we had a "lightbulb moment" with our first exposure to the evolving NFC ("near field communication") technology and the realisation that it could serve as the backbone for a solution to many of the challenges faced by genuine producers looking to assure their customers of the authenticity and provenance of their physical products.

We set out to build Otentico as an enterprise-ready, end-to-end platform to allow genuine producers to connect directly with their customers around each unique product, using the latest innovative but tried-and-tested technologies to tap into the Internet of Things (“IoT”).

Welcome to the IoT world, where connected products bring customers and producers together like never before.

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