Proving it's Authentic


Let them verify your products

Is it authentic?

Simple and quick answer directly from producer


Tracked, traced and authenticated history

Intuitive and accessible

Easy and simple to use mobile apps


Visual and physical tamper-evident


Up to banking level encryption standards


Engage with all stakeholders

Industry standard

Enahnace and support existing best-in-class industry standards

Direct to mobile

Connect with stakeholders via their mobile phones

Targeted engagement

Provide item-specific customer service and reporting

Full control

Set user groups to determine who sees what and where

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connect with and update product information for life


Win-win, end-to-end solution

Brand protection

Anomalies and abuse are monitored and reported

Fully customisable

Mobile Apps are fully customised to your brand guidelines

Low cost

Fully managed, easily integrated solution

Full analytics suite

Who, where and when interacted with your products

You own data

Fully secured, private and compliant