Proving it's Authentic


Let Them Verify Your Products

Is it Authentic?

Give them the simple answer they want instantly


Guaranteed authenticity and product history

Intuitive and Accessible

Simple, easy to use by anyone, anywhere, any time

Tamper proof

Impossible to clone, remove or replace

Ideal for returns management and customer service

Bank-level Security

Encryption protocols used in the financial industry


Engage With All Your Stakeholders

Ensure Brand Integrity

Restore and enhance brand equity

Direct to Mobile

Connect with stakeholders via their mobile phones

Targeted Engagement

Provide product-specific customer service and upselling

Full Control

Define in CRM what information set each user group sees

Internet of Things

Connect with and update information about each throughout its life cycle


Win-win End-to-end Solution

Brand Protection

Each interaction is fully traced, registered and authenticated

Fully Customisable

Mobile App is fully customised to your brand's requirements

Low Investment

Fully managed, easily integrated solution

Full Analytics Suite

Track product diversion, authentication, and engagement

You Own Your Data

Your clients, your data, your intelligence