Product authentication, provenance tracking, regulatory compliance and customer engagement platform for the motorsport, motorcycle racing and automotive industries


Otentico was designed to facilitate multiple uses and applications based on a single smart tag or label

Customisation Certificate

Store and give your clients artwork, front and back images of their suits

End-to-end Encryption

Entire platform uses government and banking-level encryption standards

Your Own Apps

Mobile apps customised (OEM) for your brand, incorporating your own dedicated features

Full Analytics

Fully flexible managed CRM suite, including constant backups and audit trail

Trusted, Reliable NFC Tags

Using NFC chips from the biggest and most reliable global vendors

Wide Range of Tags or Labels

We have a wide range of tags and labels available to suit your needs

Bespoke Tags

We can design and source special tags and labels for your different products and needs

Secure Tags

Various tags available with encryption standards up to bank level, tamper-proof and non-duplicable

Lifelong Product Data Updates

Authorised administrators and users can review, add, modify or delete any data, including homologation cancellation, product recalls, expiry dates, crashes and warranties

Various Uses & Benefits

Enable different uses simultaneously (B2B, B2C or B2B2C), even by different groups, e.g. regulators, marshals, scrutineers, teams, PRO and AM drivers and fans

Customised User Reporting

Regulators can report recalls, cancellations and expiry dates; marshals and scrutineers report crash, rejection, or approval; drivers register ownership, warranty and more

Compliant Data Privacy

Determine which information is visible to end-users based on their role and job and show selective data to regulators, scrutineers, teams, retailers and fans

How it Works

Once a smart tag or label has been affixed to or embedded in a product, anyone with your dedicated OEM or our app can scan it to verify its authenticity and provenance, allowing you to monitor and engage with them directly

Industry-wide Benefits

Connect your products to the internet ("IoT") and engage directly with both customers and other stakeholders

Built for Motorsport

Designed and built for the motorsport & motorcycle racing industries - supports FIA, SFI, FIM and other regulatory requirements

Promote Global Standards

Expand usage of existing homologation standards to race organisers, marshals and scrutineers around the world

Enhance Driver Safety

Trickle down safety standards, knowledge and enforcement to race organisers, marshals, teams and drivers

Direct Notifications

Automatically notify relevant owners when their product is recalled, expires or has its homologation cancelled

Full IoT Platform

Fully functional 21st century IoT platform “out-of-the-box”, ready to use or customised to your own needs

Connected Products

Let your customers connect and engage with you around their unique purchased product

Unique Identity for Every Product

Every product has its own digital file and can be uniquely verified, tracked and interacted with for life

Empower Your Users

Allow your clients and stakeholders to report back to you using their phones anywhere and anytime

Efficient Compliance

Cost effective, easy-to-use tool to comply with FIA's latest regulations (e.g., Customisation Certificate) and reporting requirements

Brand Value Protection

Protect your brand’s value by allowing all stakeholders to engage with you directly, even in the secondary market

Remote Supervision

Monitor every interaction with your products, such as scrutineer checks, directly from your phone or Dashboard

Easy and Intuitive to Use

Intuative, easy to use and hassle free mobile apps that require no sign-up; Just download and start scanning = voilà!

Already in use by Clients

Otentico helps our clients provide better service, customisation and value to their customers

Customisation Filing & Assured Provenance

We’ve enabled one of our clients to embed smart tags inside their products during production. We provide all of their tags pre-registered with the digital profile of a standard in-line product and, when needed for customised products, make it easy to upload and archive unique artwork, images and data to the product's unique file in the online CRM system.

Now, all of their products can be scanned by anyone, anywhere with any NFC enabled smartphone, allowing retailers, wearers and officials to both authenticate the product and validate its homologation compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any other questions

What type of labels or tags can we use with our products?

Any label that can be read or scanned by a mobile phone and has a serialised number such as a barcode, QR code, GS1 code, and passive, dynamic or PKI-based NFC or BLE smart tag.

How secure are your NFC-based smart tags?

All of our NFC smart tags are based on chips produced by NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips Semiconductors), the world's leading NFC producer and the supplier of Apple, Amex, Visa, adidas, Nike and other mission-critical NFC-based products, and are sourced from their authorised vendors. For high volume, we can introduce you to the most relevant vendor directly.

Does it work with any other products?

Yes. It works with any product incorporating a readable serialised label - for example, luxury fashion, performance gear, wines and alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, medical equipment and medicines, automotive spare parts, art and more.

How secure is your platform?

Highly secure. In fact, our top expertise is in cyber security, and we have designed and built Otentico using the highest industry standards, developed and used by the likes of the banking and financial industries and governments.

What about data privacy?

We take data privacy very seriously and comply with GDPR standards. We collect no private data on users of the platform except that of our direct clients, who are covered under a separate client service agreement.

How much does it cost?

It depends on various factors such as the type and quantity of smart tags and digital storage. We also offer consultation and free trials so that you fully appreciate the benefits before you start paying. Drop us a line to discuss your needs and allow us to give you a detailed quote.

What does it take to get started?

Contact us to request a demonstration and trial. Once we have determined the most cost-effective type of smart tags and/or labels for you, including the potential to use your existing labels, you can implement the tags/labels and get started relatively quickly.

Can we cancel if we change our mind?

We offer either monthly or annual contracts that can be cancelled at any time. Plus, you own the data that we transfer to you in full and can download it from our platform yourself at any time. Your data, your control.

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